How To Add Anonymous AJAX Chat Room In WordPress?

In this tutorial we will show you how to quickly add a simple, good-looking and powerful AJAX chat room in your WordPress site. Earlier we posted a tutorial for WordPress site administrators, they can easily start chat rooms (with type & enter functionality) for registered their users to participate in by following URL of any particular chat room. Now this tutorial explains you how to create similar chat room but for unregistered WordPress users.

Simple Ajax Chat is an awesome plugin for this. You can add it via shortcode on any page and your visitors can start chatting by typing in their Names, URL and Messages. You can also block some words & phrases and edit or delete inappropriate chat messages from the admin section.

How To Setup AJAX Chat In WordPress?

Install and activate Simple Ajax Chat plugin. After activation visit admin area Dashboard -> Pages -> Add New, give your chat page a name, paste this shortcode [sac_happens] and publish the page. The shortcode can also be used on other content areas like posts and custom post types etc.

OR Alternatively, you may use its PHP call in your theme’s template file:

<?php if (function_exists('simple_ajax_chat')) simple_ajax_chat(); ?>

After creating page, add its link in your menu bar so that your website visitors can easily visit your chat page.

Anonymous Chat 2

That’s all. You chat room is ready and now your visitors can start chatting on your website without registering any account. (But if you like you can make enable it only for logged-in users)

How To Edit Or Delete In-Appropriate Chat Messages?

Anonymous Chat 1

Visit admin area Dashboard -> Settings -> Simple AJAX Chat page, scroll to ‘Manage Chat Messages‘ section and you can edit or delete individual chat messages very easily.

How To Ban Certain Words & Phrases?

Anonymous Chat 3

Visit admin area Dashboard -> Settings -> Simple AJAX Chat page, scroll to ‘Banned Phrases‘ section and type the comma separated list of words you like banning in your AJAX chat.

How To Customize AJAX Chat?

The plugin is highly customizable. You can customize the chat appearance by editing its CSS. You can make login mandatory. Enable/disable URL field, sounds and you can set update interval time, appearance and more from its settings page (Dashboard -> Settings -> Simple AJAX Chat) under the ‘Chat options‘ section.

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