Enable Admin Column View For Easily Organizing WordPress Pages

WordPress posts and pages differ ins the same way tags and categories differ. Yes, the hierarchical view. Pages can have sub or you can say child pages just like categories. However when displayed in WordPress admin area, the child pages of parent page are displayed with a dash before them which is fine for most WordPress users but there are many website owners who has a lots of pages and child pages and also other hierarchical custom post types and then it becomes difficult for users to find child pages. Here’s the solution, you can enable admin column view for better organize pages and other hierarchical post types.

How To Enable & Use Admin Column View In WordPres?

Install and activate Admin Column View plugin. Ther are no options to set so after activation visit your Dashboard -> Pages -> Column View and you will be seeing your pages in columns.

Now when you click on any parent page it will displays its sub-pages in a column next to the main parent column which is easy and is similar to the view found in the OS X Finder.You can use its drag and drop to re-order (set the “menu_order” property) your pages/custom post types. There is a link at each level to create a new page/custom post type at that level.

Best for the management of websites having lots of pages and hierarchical custom post types.

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