Duplicate Any Post Or Post Type From One Website To Another In WordPress Multisite Network

In this lesson you will learn about easily duplicating any individual post, page or custom post type from one website on your multisite network to another.

Earlier we have discussed about duplicating WordPress posts and post types in one easy click, we have also discussed about duplicating menus

Multisite Post Duplicator is the new WordPress plugin that lets you duplicate posts from one website on a multisite network to other. This way you can easily duplicate posts across you multisite network without going through the traditional process of cut-copy-paste.

Start by installing ‘Multisite Post Duplicator’ plugin in WordPress

It allows you to:

  • Includes any custom post type on your network as long as the post type exists in your destination site
  • Copies all custom fields
  • Copies all related post meta
  • Works with Advance Custom Fields
  • Clean and friendly User Interface
  • Select what status you want your new copies post to be such as Published, Draft etc
  • Specify a prefix for the new post to avoid confusion

Upon activation, visit admin area on any of your websites within your multisite network and navigate to Tools -> Multisite Post Duplicator.

Multisite Post Duplicator 1

Now here you can duplicate posts, pages and post type as per your need. Post meta is also copied over, it also works over advanced custom fields but you have to have same custom fields defined in each website on your multisite network.

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