How To Find & Delete Duplicate Posts In WordPress?

You can easily get rid of all duplicate posts on your WordPress website by performing easy searches for posts with identical titles, keeping the oldest or newest version you want and deleting the rest with all content and stored meta data.

Earlier we have discussed about automatically checking for duplicate post titles while creating new post in WordPress. So that you can get alert message for duplicate post title and unique post title before you publish any new post.

In this lesson you will learn about finding and deleting all duplicated posts off from your WordPress site.

Delete Duplicate Posts allows you to control post duplication from WordPress admin ‘Tools’ menu.

Start by installing ‘Delete Duplicate Posts’ plugin in WordPress

Upon activation, visit your admin area dashboard Tools -> Delete Duplicate Posts page and use ‘Delete all duplicated’ button.

Delete Duplicate Posts

You may also tick CRON to clean all duplicates automatically and set max number of copies to be deleted at one time.

That’s all for the configuration. All duplicate posts will now be completely erased from your database. There is no recovery option. Remember to back up your database first, just in case.

Another plugin called Trash Duplicate and 301 Redirect also does the job and allows you to redirect delete post to its older or newer version on your website. You can use this plugin over posts, pages and other custom post types.

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