Displaying On-Scroll PopUp With Lightbox Effect In WordPress

You might have noticed this functionality on various websites, a popup with a lightbox overlay is automatically displayed when a user scrolls down on the screen. Good for capturing visitor attention at the right time. 

Pop-Up CC Scroll is the new WordPress plugin that allows you to add such responsive popups with a lightbox overlay.  The plugin provides you  unlimited pop-ups with easily customizable professional templates. Pop-ups are responsive and work with any WordPress theme.

Pop-Up CC Scroll 2

Popup appears when a user scrolls to a given class or id, scrolls down a given number of pixels or to a certain percentage of page height from top.

Start by installing ‘Pop-Up CC Scroll’ plugin in WordPress

Upon activation, visit your admin area dashboard Pop-Up CC Scroll -> Add New Pop-Up Scroll Free, select a template to create your popup.

Pop-Up CC Scroll 1

Switch to ‘Settings’ page and select your display options. The plugin comes packed with various customization options and features, it provides you:

  • Unlimited pop-up number
  • Beautiful designs
  • 6 elegant and professional pop-up templates
  • Responsive pop-up themes
  • Retina-friendly
  • Quick and easy pop-up setup
  • User-friendly interface
  • Highly customizable content
  • Email notifications
  • Turn on/off the pop-ups on mobile devices

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