Display Custom Overlay Ads On Embedded YouTube Videos In WordPress

YouTube videos can be embedded on any website via embed code or oEmbed that automatically converts video URL to embedded video. But when you embed videos channels you don’t own, the advertisements shown on video doesn’t makes any profit for you.

Yes, you can display your own advertisements above, below or on the side of the video but in video advertisements are of the user who uploaded the video on YouTube.

In this lesson, you will learn about a new and unique way of showing your own advertisement on any YouTube video embedded on your WordPress website.

WordPress Video Overlay Ads is the new plugin that allows you to add an overlay advertisement area over YouTube video embeds before video starts.

You can easily create an overlay advertisement area over video embeds to insert your banner ads, texts, polls, and add any kind of HTML and JavaScript code with a close button (optional) you want to display over videos.

WP Video Overlay Ads

Start by installing the plugin in your WordPress site. Upon activation visit your admin area dashboard Settings -> WordPress Video Overlay Ads page and paste your advertisement code, you may also tick the checkbox to activate close button so that your users would be able to close advertisements themselves.

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