How To Fix Unavailable YouTube Videos In WordPress?

Posting YouTube videos in WordPress is easy whereas keeping them upto date is difficult. One can easily embed a YouTube video in WordPress simply by pasting its URL in a fresh line, you can also use the iframe embed and now a days there are many plugins that provides you responsive video embeds. But many a times it happens that the video which you have embedded years ago on your website gets deleted or removed by its admin. In such cases the video embeds present on other websites displays a black screen with message that the video is unavailable.

In this tutorial we will show you how you can easily find those invalid video embeds present on your WordPress site.

Youtube Not Found is a free WordPress plugin which finds the invalid YouTube videos (deleted or removed from YouTube) embedded in your website.

How To Use Youtube Not Found Plugin?

Simply install & activate the plugin and that’s all.

Youtube Not Found automatically keeps track of your website’s posts and pages whenever they are viewed by your website visitors (on every two days).

When it finds embedded YouTube videos, it grabs them and checks for their validity on YouTube (using YouTube’s API key).

In-case the video is not present on YouTube or is restricted for sharing, the plugin notifies you via email.

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