Receive Google Alerts As SMS On Your Smartphone

Google Alerts is an online to tool to monitor world wide web for any interesting new content filtered by some keywords or category.

Earlier we have discussed about using Google Alerts to receive latest news updates from your niche and how it is useful to overcome lack of new ideas in writing.

But default Google Alerts functionality only allows you to create email alerts or generate RSS feed. In this lesson you will learn about receiving Google Alerts via SMS on your smartphone for free.

We will be using popular If This Then That (IFTTT) to create a new recipe for automated Google Alert SMSs for your smartphone.

Start by visiting IFTTT website, create account or sign-in then follow the given steps:

  1. Click the This and then select Gmail as the Choose Trigger Channel.
  2. Now select New email from as the trigger and input as the Email trigger.
  3. Once the condition is set, choose next for then that condition
  4. Select SMSas the Action Channel, type-in your phone number, it will send you a 4-digit PIN, use this pin and confirm your number and follow the instructions.

That’s it. Now next time you receive a Google Alert email, you will be notified via SMS on your smartphone.

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