Branding Your Videos With Custom Image Overlay In WordPress

You can brand videos which you have posted or iframed in your WordPress site using a branding cover or a custom image overlay. This is workable for videos from popular video broadcasting websites like YouTube, Vimeo and Sceenr enabling compatibility for embed suppliers as well. Video Overlayer, is a free WordPress plugin which provides you option to overlay an image on each and every video on your website.


You can upload images and add them to overlay your videos and increase your branding. Another good thing the plugin results is your videos become completely responsive and your website loads much more faster than before, the reason is, video only loads when it gets clicked by the user and hence loading time is decreased.

How To Use Video Overlayer In WordPress?

This plugin is ideal for branding videos, making them load faster, look cleaner and respond to the width of the browser which entirely depends on the device screen. Install and activate Video Overlayer. Upon activation visit your Dashboard -> Settings Video Overlayer page and configure the plugin as shown in the given screenshots.

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By default it overlays all supported iFrame video embeds using a light-gray video image. From the plugin settings page you can either add an alternate image or choose “Custom”and then use direct link for the custom overlay image. You can make your iFrame video embeds fully responsive leaving off the overlay image.

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