Give Professional Look To Embedded YouTube Videos In Your WordPress Site

Using WP YouTube Player Customizer you can customize the appearance of any embedded video in your WordPress site very easily, just with a few clicks. You can give a professional look to embedded video by removing YouTube link, title, description and the related videos that YouTube shows after the video completes. You can make video auto play as soon you open its page without clicking the play button and also you can add your own title and description in any YouTube video which you choose for embedding in your site.

What you can customize in any embedded YouTube video ? 

  1. You can hide progress bar
  2. You can hide related videos
  3. You can add description above the video
  4. You Can hide info or title in embedded video
  5. You can remove YouTube logo from the video
  6. You can generate videos having auto-play option
  7. You can add call to action text below the video
  8. You can add custom image or any background color to your video player

And you can do much much more. So if you are interested in giving a professional look to the videos you embed in your WordPress site then first install and activate WP YouTube Player Customizer plugin.

How To Use It ?

To use it visit your dashboard and from the plugin’s settings you can add YouTube URL, customize its look and obtain new embed code. You can use this code anywhere in your website.

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