Display Category, Tag And Author Descriptions On Appropriate WordPress Archive Pages

In this lesson you will learn how to show category, tag and author descriptions on appropriate archive pages in your WordPress site.

Show Archive Descriptions 1

Show Archive Descriptions is a WordPress plugin that allows you to display description for category on that category’s first i.e. main archive page. The plugin does same for tags and author archive pages too. It also allows you to create custom titles. 

Start by installing ‘Show Archive Descriptions’ plugin in WordPress

Show Archive Descriptions 3

Once the plugin is activated, visit your admin area dashboard Settings -> Show Archive Descriptions screen to configure the options.

Visit any category archive page, tag archive page, or author page (depending on which options you want to set). See the description at the top of the first page and make sure you have written description for each category and tag archive page.

Show Archive Descriptions 2

You should know that every category edit page allows you to write description. You can do this while creating new categories or editing the old ones from your admin area dashboard Posts -> Categories screen.

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