Creating And Managing WordPress Archive Pages In One Or More Elegant Formats

Archives page shows a list of all your blog posts grouped by month, year etc. You can very easily display a list of post archives in one or more elegant formats.

Smart Archives Reloaded is a free WordPress plugin. Install and activate it then follow two simple steps for creating an archives page for your site:

  1. Create a new page named as Archives.
  2. Add this shortcode inside archives page you created:
Archives WordPress
Smart Archives Reloaded Settings Page:
Archives WordPress  Settings
Here is the format list this plugin provides:
  1. list = List of posts grouped by month
  2. block = Compact block of links to year and date archive pages
  3. menu = Two-level menu with links to year and date archive pages
  4. both = Block + list (example)
  5. fancy = Menu + list + JavaScript (example)

You can use these formats by adding them in the shortcode like this:

 [smart_archives format=block]

For more documentation for this plugin refer to GitHub.

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