Show/Hide Certain Post Sections By Date And Time In WordPress

You can show or hide certain post, page or post type sections by specific date and time characteristics in your WordPress site.

Timed Content is a WordPress plugin that allows users to specify whether a portion of a Page or Post should appear or disappear based on given time characteristics via shortcode in WordPress visual editor. 

For instance: Suppose you embed a video inside your content and once viewer has enough information from your video, the request to take some specific action can be set to appear in your post content.

Timed Content 2

The plugin simply enables you to make portions of any Post or Page be visible at certain dates and times; it allows you to even set up a schedule.

Start by installing ‘Timed Content’ plugin in WordPress

Timed Content 1

Once the plugin is activated, visit your admin area dashboard Posts -> Add New or open any old post for editing and generate the shortcode as shown in the given screenshot.

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