How To Hide Specific Posts From Certain Archive Pages On Your WordPress Site ?

You can very easily hide some specific WordPress posts from certain archive pages on your WordPress site like front page, category and tag archive pages and more just by using a simple metabox in your post’s add new and edit pages.

First of all install and activate WP Hide Post, although this plugin hasn’t been updated from over two years but it still works fine with all WordPress versions even if you are using the latest one i.e. WordPress 3.5.1.

As soon you activate this plugin it adds a simple meta box in your Post’s Add New and Edit pages showing various check box options for setting up your blog post visibility.

Post Visibility: The plugin provides you following check box options for each of your blog post:

  1. Hide on the front page.
  2. Hide on category pages.
  3. Hide on tag pages.
  4. Hide on author pages.
  5. Hide in date archives (month, day, year, etc…)
  6. Hide in search results.
  7. Hide in feeds.

The plugin hides selected blog posts from the given pages but the URL of your post keeps working and if you generate the post will get there as well.

Page Visibility: You can also use this plugin for hiding any of your WordPress page, it provides you following options for pages:

  1. Hide a page on the front page (homepage) only.
  2. Hide a page everywhere in the blog (hiding the page in the search results is optional).

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