Birds Author Box – New Tabbed Author Box Display For WordPress

Birds Author Box is the new author box plugin for WordPress. It provides you a tabbed author box which can be displayed in your posts to show post author’s name, bio, social links and latest posts made by that author on your WordPress site.

Using this plugin one can set custom profile picture instead of the default gravatar image, add Facebook, Google+, Linkedin and more from user profile page. 

Birds Author Box 1

Start by installing ‘Birds Author Box’ plugin in WordPress

Upon activation, visit your admin area dashboard Users -> Author Box Settings page and choose your options.

Once these settings are configured, the plugin automatically starts displaying an author box after posts in your WordPress site.

Birds Author Box 2

These are global display settings. Now your authors can individually configure their social profile links, profile picture, bio etc and select what to display on their author box by visiting their admin area profile page (Users -> Your Profile).

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