Easily Organize File Uploads By File Types (mov, gif, png, mp3…) Or Usernames In WordPress

By default WordPress organizes your media files in ‘uploads’ folder located in wp-content directory of your website. WordPress provides you option to organize all uploads in month and year based folders but in this lesson you will learn how to organize them in file types or username based folders. 

Custom Upload Folders Plus is the new WordPress plugin that allows you to organize file uploads by file types or by logged-in usernames. You can use first name, last name or nickname for organizing files in your WordPress media library directory.

Start by installing ‘Custom Upload Folders Plus’ plugin in WordPress

Custom Upload Folders Plus 1

Once the plugin is activated, visit your admin area dashboard Settings -> Media page.

Custom Upload Folders Plus 2

Scroll down to ‘Custom Upload Folders’ and use dropdown option to select how you want to organize uploads: by file types or by logged in user.

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