Display Random Images As Background In WordPress At Each Visit Or As Timed Slideshow

Background Manager is a popular WordPress plugin that allows you to display random image as your WordPress websitebackground at each visit or as a timed slideshow without editing any theme file. The plugin lets you create a number of set of images from where an image is grabbed and displayed as your website‘s background. You can use your media library images, upload them from your computer or import them from third party sources. A live demonstration of Background Manager plugin is available at Background Manager Demo Site.

I just checked this plugin and it works really great but please note that currently this plugin only supports WordPress 3.4.2 so if you are using 3.5 then you have to wait for the next update of this plugin because it doesn’t works with it.

Following are the features you get using Background Manager plugin:

  • Integration with WordPress Media Library
  • Full support for the WordPress Theme Customizer
  • Full-screen background images
  • Full control over position for images in normal display mode (tiling, positioning, scrolling and stretching)
  • Optional “Ease in” of a full-screen background image
  • Multiple Image Sets to select a random or sequential image from
  • Override the Image Set for each Post, Page, Custom post type or by Tag(s) or Category
  • User defined display interval between the background images (timed slideshow)
  • Optional transition effects between the different background images displayed:
    • Fade-in/Fade-out (Crossfade)
    • Slide (Top, bottom, left or right)
    • Cover (Top, bottom, left or right)
    • Fade-in and Zoom
    • CSS3 transitions: Bars, Zip, Blinds, Swipe, Random Blocks, Sequential Blocks, Concentric and Warp
  • 18 pre-defined background overlays
  • Enable or disable the background images on the Front page, Error pages, Custom post types, etc.
  • Optional thumbnail/information tab for the visitor to learn more about the background
  • Import from various sources, such as:
  • Define the background opacity (available in Full Screen only)
  • Background image links (click-able backgrounds)
  • Track background clicks and impressions via Google Analytics
  • Uses AJAX to load background images, keeping the website‘s footprint small and improves caching
  • Graceful degradation for visitors without JavaScript and older browsers
  • Option to add a “Pin It” Pinterest button

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