Creating Global, Unified Search For All BuddyPress Components

Now you can add a special search box for searching BuddyPress site components along with pages, posts and other custom post types (optional) of your choice. In this lesson you will learn how to create an all in one unified search bar with a live dropdown of results and suggestions in your BuddyPress site. 

BuddyPress Global Search is the new WordPress plugin lets you do this very easily on your BuddyPress site. It not only allows you to create a powerful unified search but you can easily include and exclude BuddyPress/WordPress components for the search.

BuddyPress Global Search

Start by installing ‘BuddyPress Global Search’ plugin in BuddyPress

Upon activation, visit your admin area dashboard Settings -> BP Global Search to select which BuddyPress/WordPress components should be searchable on your website.

BuddyPress Global Search 2

All WordPress search input will instantly start to search your entire BuddyPress site on user input, returning results in a native tabbed interface using your default search results template which now comes styled by BuddyPress to fit with your website theme.

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