Easily Create Hidden Profile Fields In BuddyPress

In this lesson we will show you how you can create some custom profile fields and keep them completely hidden on your BuddyPress powered WordPress site. The fields can only be viewed and managed by your website administrators. 

BuddyPress Admin Only Profile Fields, with this new plugin you can easily recognize your website members without letting anybody else to know about the profile fields you have secretly assigned for them.

The plugin does one simple thing, it adds a ‘Hidden’ option in profile editing page. When site admin select this hidden option, the visibility of that profile field goes hidden. Thus, allowing only site admins to view and edit such profile fields.

Start by installing BuddyPress Admin Only Profile Fields plugin in WordPress

BuddyPress Admin Only Profile Fields

Upon activation, visit your admin area dashboard Users -> Profile Fields, open a profile field for editing and use ‘Hidden’ option present in ‘Default Visibility’ meta box.

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