Enable Profile Rating On Your BuddyPress Networking Website

Now you can allow your BuddyPress site users to rate profile of other registered members on your website. They can easily rate each other’s profile and can view the average rating of each member profile on your BuddyPress based social networking website. 

Buddypress Profile Rating is the new BuddyPress plugin which activates star rating feature on member profile pages.

Start by installing ‘Buddypress Profile Rating’ in BuddyPress

Upon activation, visit the frontend of your website and open any member’s profile page. You will be noticing the plugin has added a star rating feature on the right side of user’s avatar.

Buddypress Profile Rating 1

‘Average rating’ shows you the average of overall votes of the user whereas ‘Your rating’ allows you to submit user rating. One can easily rate any profile simply by clicking the number of stars.

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