Enable Profile Page Covers In Your BuddyPress Networking Website

Just like Facebook, Google+ and now Twitter you can allow your BuddyPress site members to use profile page covers/banners on their profile pages.

In this lesson we will show you how you can easily enable this awesome feature in your BuddyPress community website. 

BuddyPress Cover is the new BuddyPress plugin that activates profile banners function in just one click. No additional configuration options to set.

Start by installing ‘BuddyPress Cover’ plugin in BuddyPress

Upon activation, the plugin allows your website members to upload profile covers via AJAX. It activates a default cover on all profile screens which your members can individually change from their profile pages.

BuddyPress Cover 3

Simply hover the profile banner and it pops-up an icon which when clicked allows you upload cover image from your machine’s local drive.

BuddyPress Cover 2

As soon the banner is uploaded, an activity update is automatically posted on member’s profile page, just like other social networking websites does.

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