How To Obtain BuddyPress Components Usage Stats ?

Obtain BuddyPress components stats about the most active users in your BuddyPress site’s Forums, Groups, Blogs, Comments, Activity, Friends.

Buddypress Component Stats is a free WordPress plugin that simply allows you to obtain statistics about your site members who interact in community and classifies the statistics of the main BuddyPress components (Forums, Groups, Blogs, Comments, Activity, Friends) showing results on the most active in each of these components.

Installation & Usage:

Install and activate BuddyPress Component Stats then Visit Dashboard -> Buddypress Component Stats Menu. Select component and a date range among which to search stats information:

Buddypress Component Stats

View records found in the selected date range:

BuddyPress Component Stats Records

You can click over the number of publication of the component for obtaining detailed results. Also you can export records found to PDF and XLS format.

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