Generate Google Trends Graph To Compare Keywords In WordPress

Now you can easily generate and embed Google trends graphs on your WordPress site via shortcode and compare up to 5 terms on a single chart. 

GOOGLE TRENDS GRAPH SHORTCODE is the new WordPress plugin that provides you a shortcode you can use inside your post, page, custom post type or any other shortcode supported area for generating Google Trends graph.


There are various shortcode parameters that allows you to:

  • Specify the height and width of the graph.
  • Compare up to 5 search terms in the same query on the same chart.
  • Compare search terms globally OR
  • Limit the search terms query to a specific country.
Start by installing ‘GOOGLE TRENDS GRAPH SHORTCODE’ plugin in WordPress

Upon activation, use the shortcode as shown below:

[trends q="wordpress, drupal, joomla, wordpress plugins, drupal plugins"]

Given example compares the search trends of wordpress, drupal, joomla, wordpress plugins, and drupal plugins. You can know more about this plugin’s shortcode usage here.

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