How To Run A Chained Quiz In Your WordPress Site?

Chained Quiz means a quiz where the next question depends on the given answer to the previous question. You can run it into your WordPress site, you can chain the questions together in your style using Chained Quiz WordPress plugin. For Example: Suppose, Option-A is the right answer to a given question. So if the user selects Option-A, then you can set the next question of higher level. And if the user selects Option-B which is the wrong answer then you can set the next question of same level.

It enables you to guide your user through the questions in your way. The plugin can be used for creating online exams, quizzes and also you can use it to fuel a sales process depending on user’s selection. After designing the quiz, you can output it on a post or page with a shortcode.

Main Features:

  • You cam assign points for each answer
  • You can create unlimited number of quizzes and questions
  • Questions support: single-choice, multiple-choice, open-end (essay)
  • Calculate result based on the points (unlimited number of results and from/to points)
  • Define what to do when specific answer is chosen – Go to next question in the row, go to a selected question, or finish the quiz

To start, install and activate Chained Quiz plugin then visit Dashboard -> Chained Quiz admin page and click ‘Create new chained quiz‘ link. Design your quiz and click ‘Save Quiz‘ button.

Clicking the ‘Save Quiz‘ button directs you to a page where you can add results.

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When you’re done creating your quiz, again visit Dashboard -> Chained Quiz admin page and now from there you can copy your quiz’s shortcode to use it inside a post or page. You can also manage the quiz questions, results and view submissions etc from the screen.

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