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Magisto: Easily Make, Edit & Share Videos Defining Any Moment Of Your Life

Magisto is a free web application that provides you video editing features and you can automatically create and edit videos then share them with others. Just select videos and photos, add your footage, select your filters, music etc and it’ll do the rest. Best for vacation montage as said by Abigail Naidu, one of its happy user. (Check out more of its reviews here) It turns your content into beautiful edited movies, complete with music and effects, in minutes.

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Advanced Cloud Text Editor With Multi-Language Speech Recogniser is an advanced Rich Text Editor with Multi-Language Speech Recogniser. You can add it in your Google Chrome browser and start using its advanced rich text editor with inbuilt powerful speech recogniser features. It provides you faster and much improved speech recognition engine which which you can actually write much faster than your normal typing.

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Automatically Enlarge Images To Full Size By Hovering The Mouse Pointer

Hover Zoom is an awesome Google Chrome extension that completely changes your web browsing experience. Hover Zoom automatically enlarges the Thumbnails image to full image size without loading a new page in a lightbox effect. The extension works in all websites including the popular networks like Flickr, Amazon, Google+, Facebook and more.

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How To Easily Dual Boot Ubuntu & Android On Mobile Device?

After the launch of new dual-boot that enables installation of Canonical’s mobile alongside with Android mobile OS. Despite being warned that it is a ‘developer preview’, there are many who installed it following all instructions from Ubuntu developers but still they were many confusions that made them a little stumped.

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Powerful & Fastest App To Clean Up Your Bulky Email InBox

Mailstrom is an amazing web app that allows you to quickly make your inbox zero. One of its user Greg Major says, “Mailstrom is awestrom! Yeah, I said it. I just nuked nearly 3,000 old, useless e-mails (22% of my 8 year old account) in 45 minutes while eating lunch. The way Mailstrom works makes cleaning your inbox in substantial chunks nice and easy.

Using this cool app you can remove thousands of messages in just few simple clicks. It unlocks the patterns hidden in your mailbox and reveals fastest path to Inbox Zero. You can slice through tens, hundreds, or thousands of emails at once. You can use it periodically or every day, as per your mail volume.

The service works with your existing email service so you you keep using your favorite mail tools no matter if it is Gmail, Google Apps Email, Apple, AOl, Exchange IMAP or any other email service that supports IMAP.

It identifies bundles of related mail and you can easily act on them. Using Mailstrom, you never have to worry about missing anything important. It’s provides you total control.

Easily Screencast Anything On Linux With New Simple Screen Recorder App

Simple Screen Recorder is an easy user friendly program you can use for making demos, tutorials, or recording videos or games. You can use this program to record your screen, you can set a custom record size, you can record a specific section, you can use the mouse and follow the cursor, you can scale video, include microphone etc.

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Slax OS: Fast, Lightweight, Portable Pocket Linux In Modern KDE Interface & Outstanding Design

Slax is a fast, modern, lightweight, live boot free operating system with a modular approach and outstanding layout and style. It is small in size but still it provides you a wide range of pre-installed software useful for everyday use. It includes a well organized GUI (Graphical user interface) and recovery tools. Other than this it also provides you various modules you can download if you are missing any specific feature. For Example: If any networking tool or game is missing you can download its module with the software and copy it to your Slax OS without running any installation or setting up any configuration settings.

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How To Use Your Ubuntu Laptop As A WiFi Router (Hotspot)?

A few easy steps (no software installation is required) can turn your Ubuntu Laptop in to a Wireless Router and you can share your Internet connection with other users using other devices may be Netbook, Tablet or Laptop etc. You can do this thing visually right from the Ubuntu GUI (Graphical User Interface) but there are some limitations like for some devices. There are some devices that may not support ad-hoc wireless networks and Ubuntu can only create wireless hotspots using weak WEP encryption instead of strong WPA encryption.

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How To Burn Any ISO File To CD/DVD On Ubuntu?

Insert blank CD/DVD into your burner. A ‘CD/DVD Creator’, ‘Choose Disc Type’ or ‘Blank Disc’ window might pop up. Close it.

burn a DVD on Ubuntu 1

Now look up for the downloaded ISO file in the file manager, right click on the ISO file and click ‘Write to Disc’:

burn a DVD on Ubuntu 2

Where it says ‘Write disc to’, you might have options like ‘File image’ as well as your CD drive. Select your CD drive.

burn a DVD on Ubuntu 3

Now select write speed. For burning an Ubuntu Live CD it is recommended to write at the lowest possible speed. Finally, start the burning process.

After it finishes, verify that your CD now gave multiple files and folders and not just the ISO file you have burnt.  If you can see multiple files and folders in the CD then congratulations, you have successfully completed the ISO burning process.

How To Easily Install Android On Your Laptop?

The tutorial is about installing Android on your laptop. This is possible for average Linux users and you can do it yourself without any coding skills required.

To Start, first thing you need to do get latest Android download so refer to Androidx86 project download page, Lookup for section RC 1 and download Android ISO for your laptop/tablet or netbook ISO and as you can see there are a few options available:

android download

Second step is to copy it to a flash drive. You have the ISO file and now its time to write it on a USB drive so that you can boot from it on your laptop.

You can create a flash drive by using UNetBootIn, it is an open source cross platform app about which we have already discussed. If you are using Ubuntu Linux the refer to its tutorial we posted before other wise you may install it on Windows, MAC etc by refering to its webpage here. Windows users can also use Linux Live USB Creator, best for windows users.

Copy the contents of the ISO to a flash drive, unlike to other ISOs, this can be done in just 1 GB USB drive.

Finally, Third step is to boot your laptop on USB. Put your USB and boot your laptop from USB drive and follow/select from on screen instructions.

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

It provides you various options for partitioning, dual-botting etc. Check out the Androidx86 installation guide here.

Installing & Using UNetbootin (Bootable Linux USB Creator App) On Ubuntu

UNetbootin is an opensource cross platform application that provides you functions to easily create bootable Live USB drives for Android, Ubuntu, Fedora and other Linux distributions without any burning a CD. The application is compatible with Linux, Windows and Mac OS X. Also you can either let UNetbootin download one of the many distributions supported out-of-the-box for you, or you can supply your own Linux .iso file if you’ve already downloaded one or your preferred distribution isn’t on the list. For installing UNetbootin in Ubuntu you have to give a few simple commands from terminal.

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How To Switch To With New Gmail Import Tool?

It is not always easy to switch between e-mail provider but the new’s Gmail import tool looks a bit different from past tools. This tutorial is on new Gmail import tool and here we will discuss how to switch to using this new tool.

To start open your account and follow the given steps:

Step-1 Click the gear icon and choose “More mail settings”

Step-2 Under “Managing your account,” click the “Import email accounts” and then Google. (Here is the direct link to Gmail import tool)

Step-3 From import tool page, click the Options link, By default it imports your messages to existing folders and automatically creates new directories for any custom Gmail labels you used in Gmail but still you can decide how you want to import them. Finally, click Start.

Step-4 It will prompt you to authorize for accessing your Gmail account, authorize it. It takes some time depending upon the quantity of messages are to be imported. After it finishes you get an e-mail with all import results.

Easily Prevent Duplication Of Tabs In Google Chrome

Prevent Duplicate Tabs, a Google Chrome App. that tells everything from its name and that all what it does. The extension closes old tabs and also prevents you from opening new ones. Tab addiction is something that most web surfers have and many a times people don’t even remember what that have opened thirteen tabs back.

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BBM Is Now Available For Android & iPhone iOS Users For Free

Popular BlackBerry’s BBM messaging service and the best way of connecting and sharing instant messages, pictures and more free, in real time is also here to accompany popular mobile OS of our times. Recently, BlackBerry announced that they will be releasing BBM for iOS and Android and now you can download it from their website.

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How To Change Default Running Programs In Ubuntu?

Many new Ubuntu users spend hours in look up for settings to change default Ubuntu programs. For example: Suppose you want to change default video player from ‘Movie Player’ to ‘VLC Player’. For setting up default running programs in Ubuntu 12.04, first thing you need to do is click the settings icon present on the top left corner and select ‘System Settings’ option.

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Colorblendy: Instantly Multiply A Couple Of Colors Offline In Chrome

Colorblendy is an offline Google Chrome extension which quickly installs in your Chrome browser and lets you mix two different colors and obtain the code of third color just like you do in Photoshop but here the app is made only for mixing up two different colors and nothing else.

To start simply add Colorblendy app in your Chrome. As soon it installs, the extension adds a new icon in Chrome’s App’s home. You just need to click that icon and Colorblendy opens up its page where you can very easily mix up colors both by codes or color picker.

Transform Your Google Chrome Home & New Tab Page With 3D Speed Dial Bookmarker

Speed Dial [FVD] – 3D New Tab Page is a speedial app for Chrome that also syncs between your Chrome and Firebox browsers. The extension transforms Chrome’s New Tab with new FVD Speed Dial which is a beautiful bookmarking manager, you can add the URLs and it will automatically retrieve the thumbnails and beautifully organizes your bookmarks, with Custom backgrounds, custom dials, organized groups, and most visited websites. It transforms the Apps page into a sidebar which you can manually show or hide on new tab’s speed dial page.

The app is easy to use and configure. Simply add it in your Chrome browser and as soon you add it, it itself transforms everything and your get a whole new ‘New Tab’ page with faster web browsing experience. Note: Your Chrome might restart several times after this app is installed. If you also use Mozilla Firefox the you can install FVD Speed Dial with Full Online Syn and do online synchronization between Google Chrome & Firefox. Other than this you can change background color, image, use Widgets for FVD Speed Dial, Themes for FVD Speed Dial and more.

Best Google Chrome Extensions For Faster Web Browsing

Session Manager: Sometimes bookmarks are not enough specially when you need a website or webpage exactly as you left like when you need back your half-written post/article with your account logged in. Here your can use Session Manager, a powerful Google Chrome extension. Add it in your Chrome browser and then for using it simply hit cardboard box icon next to chrome’s web address bar. Now Session Manager will ask you to Save the web page you’re running. All webpages you save are time stamped so that your can easily return to the version of your work in-progress at any time. All login screens and configuration menus are skipped and you get to your page exactly as you left it before.  It sounds trivial, but for those of us that bounce between multiple web apps and interfaces. It is a big time-saver.

SearchPreview: All what this Google Chrome extension does is, it simply adds a thumbnail screenshot at the left side of all Google search results showing. The screenshot shows the snapshot of the website listed in your search results. It becomes more useful if you are finding the website you accessed before but did not bookmarked, the thumbnail of that website will help you jog your memory.

Stop Autoplay for YouTube: Its name makes everything pretty much clear. Yes, the extension stops YouTube videos from playing automatically. There are various other extensions that allows you to do same but we have chosen this extension because it is a bit different and straight forward. This extension not only stops autoplay but it still pre-buffers the YouTube video. This thing makes the extension more useful for the users with slow internet connection.

Send from Gmail: By default Ubuntu uses Thunderbird, Windows uses Outlook, it depends what operating system you are using.The extension is for Gmail users. After you add this extension in your Google Chrome browser it will open all email links on internet in your Gmail not on Thunderbird or Outlook etc and hence there is no need of copy-pasting email addresses between webpages and your Gmail compose box. Other than this, the extension also adds a button for creating email message when clicked, it uses the page title as the subject and selected webpage text and link address as the message.

AdBlock – Yes it block ads on web pages. The extension strips out most of the advertisements from majority of website and provides you a clean, faster web browsing experience with less data usage.

If you also know about any good Google Chrome extension that offers a better browsing experience then feel free to mention it in the following comments.

HackerTray: Bring Hacker News To Your Ubuntu Linux Menu Bar

HackerTray, a free Linux app programmed with Python2 (inspired from Hacker Bar) simply brings Hacker News to your Linux menu bar. It is yet not compatible with all Linux systems but works really nice with Ubuntu. Following screenshot explains everything pretty well about how it works on your Ubuntu desktop. So now we are starting with its installation and upgrade process etc.


How to install HackerTray?

Open your Linux Terminal and use the following commands to install:

sudo pip install hackertray
sudo easy_install hackertray
#Download Source and cd to it
sudo python install

Now you can run hackertray from anywhere. Other than this you can now add it to your OS dependent session autostart method.

If you are a Ubuntu user then you can access it from:

  1. System > Preferences > Sessions
  2. System > Preferences > Startup Applications

Depending upon your Ubuntu Linux Version. Or simply put it in ~/.config/openbox/autostart if you are running OpenBox. Here you can see how the configuration should look like in Ubuntu and its derivatives.

How to upgrade HackerTray?

The latest stable version is always available on pip. You can check which version you have installed with pip freeze | grep hackertray.

To upgrade, run pip install -U hackertray.

In some cases (Ubuntu), you might need to clear the pip cache before upgrading:

sudo rm -rf /tmp/pip-build-root/hackertray

Box: Another Web Service Providing 10GB Of FREE Cloud Storage

Box provides you free 10 GB cloud storage and makes it easy for you to access and edit files, share content, and stay connected with your team from anywhere on any device. It works with your Google Account. You can install it its Chrome App from Web Store. First it asks you to provide required permissions and then you create your Box account passwords and you are redirected to your Box cloud accountwhere you can use your space, manage your files etc.

Important Feature:

  1. Put any kind of file online, then share it with just a link
  2. Invite others to share an entire folder of files
  3. Collaborate via comments and task to get things done
  4. Get Box Sync to keep your computer files synced to the cloud
  5. Take your files on the go with Box for Mobile for Android, iOS, BlackBerry, and Windows
  6. Plus, Box OneCloud is our ecosystem of apps where you can annotate, e-sign and do more with your favorite productivity apps.
  7. With Box OneCloud apps, you can open and edit Box files with other apps installed on your device
  8. Save content directly to Box from more than 50+ compatible apps

Facebook Chat Platinum: New Way Of Experiencing Facebook Chat In Chromebook

Facebook Chat Platinum is a Chrome extension provides you a new cool way to experience Facebook Chat in Chrome or Chrome OS. As soon you install this extension, it adds a new bookmark in your Chrome Apps home from where you can access it. It provides you various chat themes and other features like:

  1. Facebook Chat Themes
  2. Boo the Dog
  3. Call of Duty
  4. Care Bears
  5. Cars: Audi, BMW, Corvette, Ferrari, Lamborghini, Mercedes, Porsche
  6. Hello Kitty
  7. My Little Pony
  8. Obama: Forward
  9. Rilakkuma
  10. TMNT: Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles

Facebook Platinum Chat 1

You can access options from Chrome’s extension settings (chrome://chrome/extensions/), in right-click menu from Facebook or in main Facebook Chat window settings menu.