Bitcoin Vending Machine – Exchange Euro Coins For Bitcoin (Wallets)

Bitcoin Vending Machine is a mechanical vending machine which exchanges 1€-coins for Bitcoin. This machine works with the service of which provides a Bitcoin wallet with web interface similar to online banking. One can only access the account through a secret link which you get in exchange of 1€-coin. Using this link a customer can send 1€ to another Bitcoin user.

Here is an announcement on bitcointalk

[iframe][/iframe] THU JAN 05 2012 14:53 EST: Stuart W. Card, PhD of Critical Technologies Inc. made the first ever purchase (a bag of popcorn) from a vending machine using a QRcode and a smartphone Bitcoin wallet, in the laboratory of Upstate Networks Incorporated (developers of BTCVend [tm] and DroidVend [tm]).
The payment portion of this historic transaction can be viewed in the Bitcoin blockchain at… a transfer from Bitcoin address 1JN8zzT9nPU5DMBHvN3na8Bjb8cWwUyKjd to Bitcoin address 136qBUojeTBR6Y5XYQjHvtm4WSqAamwk1c in block 160776

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