How To Switch To With New Gmail Import Tool?

It is not always easy to switch between e-mail provider but the new’s Gmail import tool looks a bit different from past tools. This tutorial is on new Gmail import tool and here we will discuss how to switch to using this new tool.

To start open your account and follow the given steps:

Step-1 Click the gear icon and choose “More mail settings”

Step-2 Under “Managing your account,” click the “Import email accounts” and then Google. (Here is the direct link to Gmail import tool)

Step-3 From import tool page, click the Options link, By default it imports your messages to existing folders and automatically creates new directories for any custom Gmail labels you used in Gmail but still you can decide how you want to import them. Finally, click Start.

Step-4 It will prompt you to authorize for accessing your Gmail account, authorize it. It takes some time depending upon the quantity of messages are to be imported. After it finishes you get an e-mail with all import results.

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