How To Set YouTube Videos As Alarm In Android?

Now you can set alarms on your Android phone using Daily Motion videos, YouTube videos and other locally saved videos on your device. Easy Alarm Youtube lets you do this very easily, it is free and there are no ads either.

How To Set YouTube Videos As Alarm?

Easy Alarm Youtube 3

After Easy Alarm Youtube app is installed you can create or modify alarms directly from your Android’s official Youtube app by using the share button, or you can use Easy Alarm built-in video picker.

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You can pick videos from your favorite YouTube playlists and channels.

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How YouTube Video Alarm Works?

When it is the time for alarm and you have set a YouTube video for it, the app would be working automatically and will stream that YouTube video over WiFi and if in-case your network offline, it will first turn on the WiFi by itself.

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You can set multiple alarms and use different videos to them. The alarm volume increases progressively with time and a shake is used for snoozing it.

This is not just limited to YouTube videos but you can also set alarms from various other sources like phone ringtones, audio files, video files, Dailymotion, Deezer, on device video etc.

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