Manage Your Suppliers Online From Your Website

WordPress Ecommerce lets you sell anything online from anywhere. You can use it for selling your products online and also you can manage your stock right from the admin panel of your website. Apart from this, you can also manage your suppliers and supply orders.

To start an eCommerce store with WordPress, all you have to do is register your domain name and subscribe to WordPress Ecommerce. Once you are subscribed, simply login to your website, then install-activate WooSupply – Suppliers, Supply Orders, and Stock Management plugin. The plugin upon activation enables you to create suppliers and supply orders.

You can generate your supply orders in PDF and send them to your suppliers. Receive the ordered products and increase your WooCommerce stocks. It also allows you to manage your supplier invoices information and upload documents for further reference. Apart from this, you can access the statistics panel to see your monthly margin based on WooSupply plus WooCommerce orders, all works within your WordPress Ecommerce website.

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