Magisto: Easily Make, Edit & Share Videos Defining Any Moment Of Your Life

Magisto is a free web application that provides you video editing features and you can automatically create and edit videos then share them with others. Just select videos and photos, add your footage, select your filters, music etc and it’ll do the rest. Best for vacation montage as said by Abigail Naidu, one of its happy user. (Check out more of its reviews here) It turns your content into beautiful edited movies, complete with music and effects, in minutes.

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How Magsto’s Magic Video Editing Work?

You don’t have to be a video editor or know anything about video editing at all. Think of Magisto as your own private movie maker. Magisto will analyze your footage and stitch it together for you, creating a professional looking movie—an edit that you’ll be proud to share with your friends.

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