Automatically Showing Up Your Brand’s Register Trademarks In Your WordPress Site Content

Brand-Marker, s simple yet powerful free WordPress plugin ensures that the appropriate trademark symbol will be applied in every page, or post where you use your brand’s text or symbol etc. For Example: If we use this plugin here on text ‘SANGKRIT’ then wherever have written ‘SANGKRIT’ (inside post, pages, post types etc) it will show up ® or any other selected trademark after it.

How To Use Brand Maker On Your WordPress Site?

Install and activate Brand-Marker plugin. Upon activation visit your admin area Dashboard -> Settings -> Brand Maker page. Simply type your brands name, choose the trademarks and the marking of brands will occur in the order as they are listed there.

  • Any existing trademark symbol on the specified brands will be removed prior to the application of what is selected there.
  • If Apply Only Once is checked, the brand will be marked only the first time it is found. This applies separately to each title, excerpt and content.
  • If left Case Sensitive is left unchecked then the mark will be applied regardless of the case.

Finally, save the settings and the trademarks will be automatically applied in every page, or post that you publish. Now no more mistaken or forgotten trademark symbols.

The plugin parses your posts on fly and ensures that appropriate trademark symbol follows them. They are applied to title, content and excerpt of the post. Currently it supports up to five brands, being case insensitive and both trademark symbols.

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