Mapping Seperate Domains On WordPress Site Pages, Posts, Categories, Post Types & More

You can map domains for pages, posts, post types, categories etc on your WordPress site. Mapping domains mean you can assign a separate domain for an individual page a n individual post, post type or their archive pages or on a category. Domain Mapping System enables you to do this very easily.


How To Map Domains?

First make sure the your domain’s name server is pointing towards your host. You can edit DNS record of domains by adding your webhosting’s name server to DNS record of your domain.

  1. Install and activate Domain Mapping System
  2. Visit Dashboard -> Settings -> DMS Options page
  3. Click ‘Configure DMS’ button present on the top right corner of your screen
  4. Tick the boxes for enabling DMS for pages, post types, archives and categories etcDomain Mapping
  5. Now on the given field enter your domain and use the dropdown for selecting the corresponding Page, PostTypes etc where you like to map that particular domain.
  6. By clicking ‘Add Domain Map Entry’ You can add as many domains you want to different sections of your website simply.

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