How To Set Different Theme Templates For Categories In WordPress?

Setting up theme template category wise means that you can assign a different theme for each and every category of your website. Template Base On Category enables you to change the theme template for category and post in category base on your category ID.  WIth this new plugin you can select the theme ( template ) base while creating new or editing any old category from admin section. All posts in edited categories will automatically change.

How To Set Template Base On Category Plugin?

Install and activate Template Base On Category then follow the steps:

  1. Visit Dashboard -> Posts -> Categories page.
  2. Select the category where you like setting up a new theme and click the ‘Edit’ button.
  3. At the bottom of category edit page you notice ‘Select the templates’ drop down from where you can select theme template for that category. (Same you can do while creating new categories)

The plugin is user-friendly and it makes no extra SQL query and hence makes no extra resource usage and doesn’t slows down your website. But make sure not change the theme after you update your category theme, in-case if you change or delete that theme from your site, it will breakdown your category. So before removing theme first set set the theme of the category to \”default\” and then you can delete the theme.

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