Beautify Text On Your WordPress Site. Auto-fix Content For Bad Casing, Punctuation And More 

Text Beautify is an easy way to beautify text content of your WordPress site. It is a free plugin that enables you to clean up your blog posts and comments etc for bad sentence case or title case, it auto-fixes punctuation, makes quotes and commas curly and allows other custom enhancements.

How It Works?

Upon activation the plugin will automatically parse through each blog post or comment when posted on your website, checks bad casing and other common grammatical, aesthetic faux pas, like sloppy punctuation.

It also transforms post titles to uppercase except a few selected words. Attractive curly form is added to double and single quotation marks and commas.

Text Beautify 3

Other than this the plugin also allows you to provide a custom list of tweaks which you’d like the plugin to make on your website, such as uppercasing selected words or disabling some of the plugin’s default replacements.

For example:

Consider the following text as a comment’s contents: NICE!!!!! THIS IS SUCH AN AMAZING STORY.

Text Beautify plugin would fix that content as follow: Amazing! This is such an amazing story.

Main Features:

  • Use proper sentence casing instead of all capitals in comments and post body
  • Capitalize each word in blog titles except for user-editable list of exceptions
  • Remove user-editable list of excessive punctuation; by default: exclamation marks, question marks, asterisks, commas
  • Replace standard quotation marks, apostrophes, and commas with their curly equivalents
  • Preserve case (in blog posts, blog titles, and comments) of user-editable list of terms
  • Execute user-editable list of specific string replacements (in blog posts, blog titles, and comments)

Using Text Beautify:

Simply install and activate it. The plugin automatically starts working upon activation. 

Text Beautify 1

It also provides you an options page.

Text Beautify 2

You can set your own custom options by visiting your admin area dashboard and selecting ‘Text Beautify’ from the side admin menu.

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