Automatically Fix Up All Posts & Images After Data Import Etc In WordPress

Fix my posts! is the new WordPress plugin that lets you automatically repair all your posts and images after data-import or at the times when your database get messed up. It becomes more useful at the times when you you import posts/images from another CMS using direct SQL, it simply allows you to run an automatic wizard where it auto repairs some basic things on all of your posts one by one.

The plugin is easy to use, simply install and activate it. After activation visit your admin area Dashboard -> Tools -> Fix my posts page and click ‘Okay Start’ button. Now it will process your posts one-by-one and repair some basic things when it finds a problem like: It create a valid post_name for all posts, Its Image repair fixes image-metadata and creates missing image-thumbnails.

How it works? Once you click on the start button the script will start to process all your posts, one by one. The Plugin will create a valid post_name for all posts. Additionally the plugin will create/update the meta-data and thumbnails of all images in the database. The process may take a while until it is completed. You will see a progress-bar with the current status-info in the bottom.

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