How To Export & Import Individual WordPress Posts?

You can individually export and import WordPress posts, pages and other custom post types. By default WordPress exporter in Tools menu allows you to bulk export posts using XML file format. It allows you to export posts by selected date range, categories, tags, authors and post types but has no option to export single content type.

In this lesson you will learn about exporting single posts and post types by making use of WordPress Exporter,  a WordPress plugin.

Exporting single posts and pages can be very useful for business websites designed with WordPress page builder apps and also when you want to export post content with all included meta data like date, time, tags, author etc.

Start by installing ‘WordPress Exporter’ plugin in WordPress

Upon activation, visit your admin area Dashboard -> Tools -> Export page, select ‘Advanced’ option and choose post/page to download as XML export file.

WordPress Exporter

The the downloaded export file on your local drive can easily be imported with native WordPress import functionality on your admin area dashboard Tools -> Import screen.

The key features of this plugin enables you to export single or multiple posts, export single or multiple pages, export comments, custom fields, terms and make use of custom export query.


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