Best Plugin For Importing Tumblr To Your WordPress Blog

Best WordPress plugin for importing Tumblr content to your WordPress blog. You have to follow few simple steps and you can easily import Tumblr to WordPress with correct post formats and without duplication.

WordPress Tumblr Importer PLugin

So first of all install and activate Tumblr Importer in your WordPress site, then follow the given steps:

  1. Create a Tumblr app, its easy visit this link –
  2. Click the large green “Register Application” button.
  3. You need to fill in the “Application Name”, “Application Website”, and “Default Callback URL” fields. All the rest can be left blank.
  4. For the “Application Website” and “Default Callback URL” fields, put in
  5. Now, Visit Dashboard -> Tools -> Import for using this new importer.
  6. Click Import Tumblr button.
  7. Enter App’s OAuth Consumer Key and Secret Key and click connect to Tumblr

Why use this Tumblr Importer plugin:

  1. It can import posts, drafts and pages
  2. It correctly handles different post formats
  3. Media Side loading for audio, video, and image posts
  4. Background importing: start it up, then come back later to see how far it’s gotten
  5. It automatically does duplicate checking, hence you don’t get messed up with duplicate imported posts

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