Easily Assign Different Icons To Categories Of Your WordPress Blog

You can easily assign icons to your WordPress blog categories and display them in your way. Category Icons plugin simply allows you to associate an image for each of your blog category.

WordPress Category Icons

Category Icons is a free WordPress plugin and its best in its work. With this plugin you can assign different images to different categories and make your categories pages look better. The plugin is highly configurable from the dashboard’s settings menu, you can use it on your index (home) page, post pages, or on your sidebar. It allows you to show only icons or both text and icons, and also offers a sidebar widget.

Following are the main features this plugin offers to you:

  1. It provides you widget.
  2. It can display category icons in RSS feed.
  3. You can make rollover with the icons in the sidebar if you follow
  4. It can show icons in your sidebar with or without category name etc
  5. It can display icons in front of blog post title or anywhere else you like
WordPress Category Images

Usage: Install and activate the plugin, then visit Dashboard -> Posts -> Category Icons and make your customization. Visit its website for further details and the latest information about this plugin. View all screenshots here.

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