Keeping Shared Menus On WordPress Multisite Network

You can pull menu from another website on your multisite network to easily achieve a universal navigation and make things go fast and easy without needing to manually recreate same menus on other websites.

Earlier we have discussed about exporting and importing navigation menus in WordPress so that you can backup them or use them on other websites. Today in this lesson you will learn about using same navigation menu or pulling menus from other websites across your multisite network. 

Multisite Shared Menu is a WordPress plugin that simply allows users to pull in a menu from another website. The plugin is intended only for WordPress multisite environment for it to function properly and use the same theme to ensure .

Start by installing ‘Multisite Shared Menu’ in WordPress

Upon activation, set up a menu to use as a “master”. Now for using this menu on other websites, you will have to browse the site you wish to use the menu on.

Multisite Shared Menu

Then navigate to the website’s admin area dashboard Appearance -> Shared Menu Settings and select the source site that contains the menu you wish to use.

Finally select the menu location that will use the menu and click ‘Save Changes’, that’s it.

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