Rebuild Permalinks Based on Post Titles In WordPress

Permalinks with post name are considered more SEO friendly. Earlier we have discussed how you can change your website’s permalink structure and then redirect old permalinks to new ones.

This works great while switching to new permalink structure from WordPress admin screen of permalinks (Settings -> Permalinks) but what if you have used permalinks of words other than your post’s title, in such case you can use another plugin for regenerating post permalinks based on your post’s title. 

Rebuild Permalinks is the new WordPress plugin that allows you to regenerate permalinks based on the title of your post types such as Posts, Pages and Attachments.

Before starting, make sure to have a backup of your WordPress database. The plugin is good for small websites, website with large number of posts will cause many 404 not found error messages.

To avoid broken links and 404 errors on your website you may use ‘Permalink Finder Plugin’ plugin. We have discussed about it in the last paragraph of this lesson.

Start by installing’Rebuild Permalinks’ plugin in WordPress

Upon activation, visit your admin area dashboard Settings -> Rebuild Permalinks page and select the post type you like rebuilding permalinks on.

Rebuild Permalinks

Click the button ‘Rebuild Selected Permalinks’, takes some time and then displays you the number of permalinks the plugin has regenerated on your website.

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