Allows BuddyPress Members To Share Files By Using InBuilt WordPress Post Attachment Features

BuddyDrive is brand new BuddyPress 1.7 plugin that enables your BuddyPress site members to share file(s) by using in built WordPress post attachment features.

Install and activate BuddyDrive. After activation it directs you to its manual page showing all its features, options for privacy etc. Each community member will begetting a BuddyDrive area in their member’s page. Now visit your admin area Dashboard -> Settings -> BuddyDrive and here you can set enable mime types. Also you can set space available for each member and maximum file upload size in MB.

Member’s BuddyDrive Area:

BuddyDrive Uploader Page:

Embedded File:

Depending upon your BuddyPress installation settings you can add restrictions to BuddyDrive user’s content on the basis of:

  1. The owner of the item only,
  2. People that know the password the owner set for his item,
  3. The friends of the owner of the file,
  4. The members of the group the content is attached to,
  5. Or everybody !

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