Manage Buddypress Email Notifcations Settings On One Screen For All Members

New BuddyPress plugin allows you to manage notification system for all of your BuddyPress site members. Admins can manage all notifications settings including notification settings added by other plugins. After activation settings are applied to new members indivisibly. You can also disable access to notifications page for all members if you like.

First you have to install Buddypress Notifications Manager in your WordPress site. Activate it and start managing notifications from Dashboard ->BuddyPress ->Notifications Manager.

BuddyPress Notifications Manager

Using this plugin you can set a notification by email using  Yes/No options on settings page:

  1. A member mentions you in an update using “@jjss2012” (Yes/No)
  2. A member replies to an update or comment you’ve posted (Yes/No)
  3. A member sends you a new message  (Yes/No)
  4. A new site notice is posted  (Yes/No)
  5. A member sends you a friendship request  (Yes/No)
  6. A member accepts your friendship request  (Yes/No)
  7. A member invites you to join a group  (Yes/No)
  8. Group information is updated  (Yes/No)
  9. You are promoted to a group administrator or moderator  (Yes/No)
  10. A member requests to join a private group for which you are an admin  (Yes/No)
  11. Disable access  (Yes/No)
  12. Disable access to notifications page  (Yes/No)

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