WP Style Kit – Apply New Text Styles From WordPress Visual Editor

Default WordPress TinyMCE buttons present in visual editor provides you limited set of options. Earlier we have discussed about adding more options by activating new TinyMCE buttons in visual editor present on ADD NEW/EDIT content screens of WordPress. 

Now, today in this lesson you will see how to use new text styles visually from your post edit screen. WP Style Kit is the new WordPress plugin that activates a dropdown in traditional visual editor showing you a number of predefined styles.

Start by installing ‘WP Style Kit’ plugin in WordPress

Upon activation, visit your admin area dashboard Posts -> Add New or open any old post for editing.

Switch to ‘Visual’ mode and you will be noticing a new dropdown option in the second row of TinyMCE buttons.

WP Style Kit

The button simply allows you to apply styles to text from a number of predefined styles. The plugin is fast to install and requires no technical background. You can easily apply beautiful custom styles, such as additional headlines, custom bullets, quotes, and callout boxes and more in a click.

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