How To Use Visual Editor In WordPress Text Widget ?

Default WordPress text widget accepts HTML but for them who faces problem in designing text in HTML have an easy option of using a widget that displays visual editor.

Black Studio TinyMCE Widget

Black Studio TinyMCE Widget, is free WordPress plugin, all you need to start using visual editor in text widget is install and activate it this plugin. It automatically add a widget (Black Studio Tiny MCE) in Dashboard -> Appearance -> Widgets page, simply drag it to your site’s widget area and start editing your text.

Widget Features:

  1. Supports WPML (Multi-language)
  2. Easily insert links using visual editor
  3. Widgets accessibility mode supported
  4. Supports WordPress Multisite network
  5. Fullscreen editing mode also supported
  6. Easily add rich text widgets using visual editor
  7. You can switch between Visual mode and HTML mode
  8. Easily Insert images/videos from WordPress Media Library

Black Studio TinyMCE Widget adds more features if combined with Ultimate TinyMCE plugin:

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