Assign Tasks To Users And Manage Their Submissions In WordPress

In this lesson you will learn how to assign tasks individually or to a group of users in your WordPress site. You can assign new tasks, projects, set time period for each task to complete and manage their credits & submissions from your WordPress admin area dashboard. 

Task Assigner is the new WordPress plugin that provides you all these features in a click of a button. It lets you to assign project to different employee and manage credit, notification,emailing and more.

Start by installing ‘Task Assigner’ plugin in WordPress

Upon activation, the plugin adds a new admin menu ‘Tasks’ from where you can create new tasks, assign users and manage submissions etc.

Task Assigner 2

For creating a new task navigate to your admin area dashboard Tasks -> Add New Task page, give your task a title, add other important details, then scroll down and tick the users you like adding to that specific task.

Task Assigner 3

You can set the credit for that task and assign the time that the task must be completed by.

From ‘User credit’ menu admin can set the total credit for his employee(s), this credit(s) is the credit reserved for each employee.

When an employee finishes his task in time, the credit is added to correspondent to that user. And when the employee fails, the task credit is subtracted from his total credit(s).

Task Assigner 1

‘Task submitted’ section enables admin to see who have and have not submitted the task and the ones who have failed the deadline.

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