How To Change Font Size Of WordPress Visual Editor?

After reading our tutorial on changing default font size of HTML text editor, a user at asked how he can do same for WordPress visual editor.

There are many WordPress themes that automatically changes the visual editor font size and there are some which allows you to manually do so.

We have found a very easy plugin that enables your website users to change the visual editor font size manually from the post edit screen. The plugin works for posts, pages and most custom post types.

It adds a meta box at the bottom of your post edit screen (after content area) and by using it your authors can easy increase or decrease the font size as per their requirement.

How To Use This Plugin? Simply install and activate Visual Editor Font Size plugin. After activation visit your admin area dashboard Posts -> Add New screen and you will be noticing ‘Visual Editor Font Size’ metabox after your post content text area.

Visual Editor Font Size

Use the the plus(+) and minus(-) buttons for increasing or decreasing font size. It also provides you a ‘Revert’ button which automatically restores the font size to original i.e. WordPress default.

Changing the default font size of visual editor doesn’t affect the default font size of your theme (the frontend view of your posts and pages etc).

It has been designed to make text appear more readable only for author’s eyes. But if you want you can enable same functionality on frontend, for your website visitors.

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