What Is A Personal Website And Why You Should Have One?

A Personal website is one of the most powerful means of personal branding (but very few people know this fact). It empowers individuals to take control of their personal brand and stand out from the crowd.

Ofcourse there is no shortage of networking tools out there. There is LinkedIn for professionals, there is Facebook, Twitter, WhatsApp which can also be used to forge professional relationships. But at the same time at some point, you may find yourself needing for more, needing for a personal website which is something that has power to centralize everything you keep online. Yes, a hub centralizing everything to one single address i.e. yourfullname.com.

What is a Personal Website?

Personal Websites are created for individuals containing content of personal nature instead on behalf of company or organization. These websites are used for informative or entertainment purposes but now a days bloggers use such websites to make money on their own domain by making use of some website monetization service such as Google Adsense.

A personal website can be used for – 

  • Personal expression i.e. sharing views by writing blog posts
  • For personal career marketing
  • Perofessional blogging
  • Online networking
  • Personal Branding
  • Etc

One can put resumes, family, hobbies, family genealogy, a blog, opinions, online journals, diaries, writings, work, sound clips, movies, photos, or other interests on his personal website. Netizens also use it as a medium for expressing opinions or creative endeavors that otherwise would not get any exposure.

Starting a Personal Website is Easier than you think


You need no technical or programming skills, what all you have to do is follow two easy steps –

  1. Register a domain name i.e. yourfullname.com
  2. Subscribe Managed WordPress or Website Builder

That’s it. For any support you may contact system@sangkrit.net.

Advantages of Personal Website

It works as your instant online portfolio where you can show everything you want to show the world, after-all human beings are visual creatures.

A personal website gives you an end to end control on your branding where you can customize everything to make your real personality shine through.

Outlines your skills in a better and broader way, better than printed CV to demonstrate why you’re an excellent candidate.

“If you want to compete in the global talent pool, then you have to have your own website. People are already searching for you, or people like you, & every time your website doesn’t come up you lose an opportunity… Having your own website is the cost of remaining relevant & gaining visibility in today’s job market.”

__ Dan Schawbel, New York Times best-selling author of ‘Promote Yourself’

So are you on the World Wide Web?

Being online actually means having a dynamic website or app of yours, it simply saves you from straying homeless on Internet. Hence, if your answer is no then no one will remember you, you are taking risk and losing opportunities. Better go and start your website, it all takes a few minutes.

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