How To Startup & Make Money As People’s Personal Outlet?

Working as Personal Outlet of is the simplest way for you to get home-employed and stay financially free by empowering the greatest ever movement #OccupyWebspace.

How to start?

You start up with just your smartphone by registering your free account at –

  1. You bring other businesses online by helping them in registering their domain at and getting their websites/apps made and managed by you
  2. You get new clients by outreaching and marketing your service in different ways
  3. You get the management of other websites/apps by making them good offers such as bringing down their web/app running cost.
  4. You get projects done by buying necessary programming power and online support from or any other outlet you are connected with.

How does it work?

  1. You find a new client for website, app or any other online project
  2. You consult the project with masters of code at (or with any other personal outlet whom you are connected with)
  3. You collect your advance to close the deal with your client
  4. You buy necessary programming power from (or any other personal outlet whom you are connected with) to get things done
  5. You deliver the website online to your client on his domain and app on Google Play / App Store
  6. You provide your client the demo of his web/app via team viewer or conference call
  7. You receive complete payment in your bank account
  8. You pay your dues and market your service to get more business

Possibilities are endless, you can grow your business by employing others to build your own chain of personal outlets.

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