Does A Blog With Dissimilar Topics Work In Gathering Readers?

Last thing first, is among the most popular high traffic blogs that post articles beautifully on dissimilar topics, stretching niche from politics to techology to cooking and more. Conclusion is – Despite of having tons of limitations you can blog on dissimilar topics and become successful.

A WordPress blog having dissimilar topics can bring traffic but only when you are creating good quality content and posting more under various categories on your weblog.

Likewise it is known that organic traffic i.e. traffic from search engines work better in boosting AdSense revenue. So if you are having so many topics to make good articles on, then do it.

The limitation is – In the beginning you might get less time on site as it will increase bounce rate and visitors will leave the website more frequently. To overcome this issue you can put multiple authors on your website to make it contentful under each category.

Impact on Targeted Advertising

Now how it will impact targeted advertising platforms – Let’s assume you are a website that sells smartphones and gadgets, and you are having a limited advertising budget. You get two blogs to consider in terms of advertising space:

  • Blog #1: Hits 10k page views per month with traffic related to your niche i.e. smartphones and gadgets.
  • Blog #2: Hits 50k page views per month with traffic on wide range of topics.

So which one is better for targeted advertising? Blog #1, the reason is it would be getting better return on investment, especially when you are getting traffic from targeted audience i.e. the netizens interested in smartphones and gadgets. Whereas blog#2 will send you traffic which might not be relevant to the product you sell.

This is not a big problem if you are using AdSense, as you can attract audience by different topics. But relevant topics will give you more time on site increasing your page views and reducing the bounce rate of your website.

Affects Email Subscribers – Use Category RSS Feeds Instead

Another limitation – a multi-topic blog might get less email subscribers. Any user subscribing to your main blog will be delivered articles on topics he might not be interested in reading. But by using category specific RSS feeds you can resolve this issue.

What about hosting Multiple Blogs on Subdomains?

If you are posting articles on topics which are very much different from each other then consider using different blogs over subdomains or subdirectories such as and This way each domain will have its own blog without any limitation of blogging on dissimilar topics. Try WordPress Multisite.

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