Difference Between Domain Name And Website Hosting

Netizens who just got online doesn’t know the basic difference between domain name and web-hosting. These two are most important products to bring any website online and make it accessible for other netizens across world wide web.

Domain names and hosting are well-known terms when it comes to starting a new website. In this lesson you will learn about the difference between a domain name and website hosting AKA web-hosting plan.

There are three main products every website needs to come online:

  1. A Domain Name (i.e web address)
  2. A Hosting Plan (i.e. web-space where your website files are uploaded)
  3. Website Designing Support (i.e. the programming done for creating the layout & design of any website)

But as you all know that SANGKRIT.net provides you free installation of various popular website apps and CMSs like WordPress which you may use for creating your website without any technical skills and without spending a penny on designing support.

But in-case if you still need any programming support then you may buy ‘Happy Hours’ by sending an email to system@sangkrit.net and the programmers team will help you in the making of your website.

Now let’s come to the main topic i.e. difference between domain name and web-hosting

What is Domain Name?

It is the part of a web-address which simply identifies it as belonging to a particular domain. When a domain name is typed in web-address bar of any web-browser, your website is displayed.

You can easily purchase a domain name from the system simply by searching for it, selecting it then paying online.

What is Hosting?

A web-hosting provides you storage space and access for the website.

After a domain name is purchased, you will need a website hosting plan (or VPS or Dedicated Server if your website needs more resources likewise any serious startup begins with a dedicated server) to make your website online.

If you don’t have money for purchasing a website hosting plan then you many also create a five page website using the website builder application which you get completely free of cost with every domain name purchased from the System of SANGKRIT.net.

If you still have any questions then feel free to use the following comment form.

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